Is this company real and trustable? It’s better to find manufacuturers by or www.made-in-china, For these 2 media platform called A will come to their customers called Seller (you suppliers) office to see them in person to testify them, furthermore, they only allow company registered in China(not overseas company like HongKong, Taipei) to use their service, if buyer like you have some problems with seller for the sake of reliability, A can find Seller out. Platform Global Sources will not test their seller and they let overseas company to use their services, so increasing risk of buyer. Is their product in good quality? Buy some samples from them You must buy Video Module: Screen: you can see they use new or old screen, old screen its metal frame is old. Speaker: 2W speaker sound is quiet, but 0.5W poor quality speaker is a little bit noisy. Battery: Good quality is in silver, poor quality is in blue You must buy their complicated products not standard products to see their finished product quality like hardback video brochure, video book, tablet video brochure and so on. When you receive samples, please discharge it to empty and charge it full, by this way, you can test quality of solution stability. Stable solution is a key, not stable solution will be a disaster. Software: For a professional manufacturer, they are familiar with software Like video playing in loop or video ends, turn off automatically. Or open video brochure, shows boot logo all the time, till button is pressed. In other words, professional manufacturer can do many functions for you. Professional manufacturers they have good developing capacity, they often have new products launched and made.